Slant/Fin is an HVAC company with a funny name but an impressive history. Today, Slant/Fin is the largest manufacturer of baseboard heating equipment in America, in addition to being one of the top manufacturers of gas and oil boilers. But Slant/Fin began back in 1949 as one man’s dream, based in the back of a Coney Island bakery.

The founder of Slant/Fin, Mel Dubin, initially set out to design a better version of commercial-grade fin-tube radiation heating elements. The design he came up with was a locked, slanted fin. That’s where the funny name comes from!

By 1965, Slant/Fin had become a nationally known company, producing commercial baseboards known for high-performance and ease of installation. They opened a factory in Greenvale, NY, where they still operate manufacturing facilities today. In addition to baseboards, Slant/Fin began producing gas and oil boilers.

In the 1970s, Slant/Fin introduced a coal-burning boiler. When the original heating systems in the famous Levittown planned suburbs failed, Slant/Fin baseboard heating was chosen to replace those systems. Slant/Fin also developed the Victory gas boiler—a boiler with power venting that’s so compact, it can be installed in a closet.

As demand for their baseboards and boilers grew, Slant/Fin expanded their factory in 1985. Around the same time, their boilers were ranked #3 by Wholesaler Magazine for brand recognition and preference.

The 1990s find Slant/Fin further developing their already-popular baseboards. All of their baseboard elements will now have tin-plated, steel end-fins. These steel fins are more durable than the previous aluminum fins, being over twice as strong.

Additionally, Slant/Fin begins producing their rust-resistant baseboards in a wide variety of pre-cut lengths to fit any room. This makes them even more appealing to contractors.

In the 21st century, Slant/Fin continues to develop innovative, high-efficiency products with a focus on service and ease of installation. When the new One World Trade Center is built, Slant/Fin is chosen to provide heating. Over 45,000 feet of Slant/Fin baseboards are installed in this historically important building.

From a small business in the back of a bakery to heating one of the most significant buildings in America, Slant/Fin has had an amazing history. Today, Slant/Fin continues to innovate and serve customers as the top manufacturer of baseboard heating in the nation.