Thermal Solutions is one of the fourteen subsidiaries of Burnham Holdings, a group of HVAC companies, all of which manufacture their boilers, radiators, and other HVAC products here in the United States.

While the subsidiaries of Burnham Holdings produce a wide range of products for a wide range of uses, Thermal Solutions specifically produces boilers, hot water heaters, and related accessories for commercial and industrial use.

Thermal Solutions offers both condensing and non-condensing ultra high efficiency hot water boilers. Their condensing hot water boilers come in four lines: Amp, Apex, Arctic, and Evolution. Within each of these lines, Thermal Solutions offers 4-5 different sizes to fit a wide range of needs.

The Apex line of condensing hot water boilers is designed to fit into any installation space. It has a small footprint, it’s lightweight, and it can fit through a standard doorway. You can even stack one unit on top of another to maximize space.

The Arctic line of condensing hot water boilers uses flexible watertubes with no welding required to seal the tubes to the header. This means that the watertubes can be replaced in the field. According to Thermal Solutions, the Arctic line is the only condensing boiler available today with a field-repairable heat exchanger.

In the non-condensing category, Thermal Solutions offers a variety of Evolution series boilers and hot water heaters. According to Thermal Solutions, the copper-finned Evolution boilers have been the industry benchmark for almost twenty years.

Evolution boilers are designed to “work smarter, not harder” with advanced features such as intelligent multiple boiler staging, advanced combustion with less than 10 ppm Ultra-Low NOx Emissions, and feature-rich operating control.

In designing the Evolution boilers and hot water heaters, Thermal Solutions states that they aimed for clean and efficient combustion, timesaving controls, and real-life serviceability, with advanced features beyond what you’ll find in competitors’ products.