Thermo Products, the company that produces the Thermo Pride brand, was founded in 1946. In 1997, Thermo Products became one of the fourteen subsidiaries of Burnham Holdings, a group of HVAC companies. All of the Burnham Holdings subsidiaries manufacture their furnaces, radiators, and other HVAC products here in the United States.

While the subsidiaries of Burnham Holdings produce a wide range of products for a wide range of uses, Thermo Pride specifically produces central air conditioning and warm air furnaces for the residential market.

According to Thermo Pride, their brand is known for “handcrafted products and hometown values.” They take pride in their heritage of innovation, craftsmanship, and a strong work ethic. Thermo Pride aims to produce equipment that’s reliable, durable, quiet, and efficient.

Thermo Pride’s product line includes central air conditioners along with oil and gas-fired furnaces. They also manufacture air handlers that can be matched with their air conditioners and furnaces.

Their top-of-the-line gas-fired furnace is the Spirit 97% Modulating Gas Furnace. This furnace can achieve an AFUE of up to 97% thanks to its modulating gas burners and variable-speed ECM blower motor.

In addition to manufacturing standard-sized furnaces, Thermo Pride also offers special oil and gas furnaces designed for use in mobile homes. Their mobile home gas furnaces can run off of natural gas or propane. They have a narrow footprint and are made in the USA. The gas-fired mobile home furnaces range in efficiency from 80% AFUE up to 95% AFUE.

On the cooling side, Thermo Pride offers 14 SEER and 16 SEER split-system air conditioners. In addition to a standard ten year warranty, these air conditioners come with a 5 Year Peace of Mind Plus Warranty on the compressor. If the compressor fails while covered by that warranty, they will replace the entire condensing unit.

Thermo Pride’s air conditioning units are also made in the USA and use R-410A refrigerant. They’re designed for quiet operation and high efficiency.