The WeatherKing brand of HVAC systems began in Florida in 1963. Since 1988, WeatherKing has belonged to Rheem Manufacturing, a company well known for their HVAC systems and water heaters.

Rheem also produces HVAC equipment under the brand name Ruud. WeatherKing systems are generally considered equivalent to the low-end Ruud systems.

Today, WeatherKing offers heating and cooling systems including air conditioners, gas furnaces, and heat pumps. They aim to provide high-quality equipment that allow homeowners to control the comfort of their “castle.”

WeatherKing produces several different gas furnace models. These include upflow, downflow, and multi-position designs. The efficiency of their gas furnaces ranges from 80-96% AFUE.

For instance, WeatherKing’s High Efficiency Multi-Position gas furnace offers an efficiency of up to 95% AFUE. It has two-stage operation, which allows it to run at a lower, more efficient capacity during milder weather.

Additionally, it has a direct-spark ignition system for dependability, and it incorporates the “industry’s first blocked drain sensor.” This sensor can detect when a drain is blocked and shut down the furnace to prevent possible water damage.

The WeatherKing High Efficiency Multi-Position gas furnace is also designed for quieter operation. Its newly patented heat exchanger decreases noise by up to 20%, thanks to improved airflow.

On the cooling side, WeatherKing produces four models of residential split-system air conditioners. These range in efficiency from 13 SEER to 16 SEER. Their 16 SEER air conditioner, the WA16, offers higher efficiency along with durable construction and quiet operation. It comes with a five year limited parts warranty.

For both heating and cooling, WeatherKing produces one model of heat pump. It’s a 14 SEER heat pump with copper coils and aluminum fins. The WeatherKing heat pump is designed for quieter operation thanks to its grille design and its elevated coils.

The louvered steel cabinet adds to its durable construction, while the wrap-around outdoor coil increases airflow and improves efficiency.