The Estate Stove Company started in 1884, although not known by this name.  The Kahn Brothers, Lazard and Felix, owned a foundry in Hanging Rock, OH.  This foundry produced wood and coal-burning stoves for domestic purposes.  Eventually, home heating stoves and gas furnaces were added to the product line.  

In 1905, the business was relocated to Hamilton, OH and assumed the name Estate Stove Company.  The company was bought by RCA in 1952 and later purchased by Whirlpool in 1955.  

Many products were produced as part of the Estate brand under the direction of Whirlpool.  Kitchen ovens, ranges, stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers and air conditioners were sold throughout the U.S.  The Estate brand has been discontinued and replacement parts are not available.  Compatible parts are available in very limited capacities.