EVAPCO, Inc. was founded in 1976 with headquarters in Taneytown, MD.  In 1984, it became a fully employee owned and operated business.  EVAPCO maintains manufacturing and engineering facilities in 25 locations in 10 countries, supplying a worldwide network of offices.  EVAPCO’s mission of producing high quality evaporative cooling and industrial refrigeration products encompasses four markets:  commercial HVAC, industrial process, power and industrial refrigeration. As a recognized world leader in the cooling manufacturing industry, EVAPCO products provide higher system efficiency, lower operating costs, reliable operation and maintenance, sound reduction, and water management while always remaining environmentally friendly. 

Closed Circuit Coolers -Air Cooled -utilizing Ellipti-fin® Coil technology.  Products include:  Spray Series, Adiabatic Series, V Series and Flat Series.  

Closed Circuit Coolers -Evaporative-a large selection tailored to the specific application including cooling industrial process equipment or maintaining temperatures in data centers, computer rooms and chemical manufacturing plants.  

Condenser-Air Cooled-water free cooling with the Eco-Air condensers. 

Condensers -Evaporative -utilizing patented Thermal Pak II® coil and CrossCool™ Internal Tube Enhancement technologies to increase the capacity and efficiency. 

Evaporative cooling towers -factory assembled-IBC compliant and CTI Certified.  

Evapcold -low charge ammonia refrigeration system -each unit is a single-source, simple installation heat-transfer solution.  Also known as “LCR” or Low Charge Refrigeration. Advertised as “ammonia safety with huge energy savings”. 

Evaporators -Superior Stainless Technology E-Series for low maintenance cooling in food processing and storage facilities where hygiene is critical.  EVAPCO can assist with designing a unit configuration to fit client needs. 

Hygienic Air Handling Systems-for food preparation, production and packaging facilities meeting quality standards for air purification and filtration.  Also includes control packages for monitoring and initiating all functions of the system. 

Power Generation -EVAPCO-BLCT-design and supply of ACCs and ACHEs-for power industries throughout the world.  Can be designed to meet the codes and regulations of any region.   

RVS Vessels and Packages -produced by EVAPCO division RVS, manufactures refrigeration vessels for the transport of food, beverages, oil or natural gas.  

Thermal Ice Storage systems-ideal for retrofit projects while providing high efficiency and premium energy savings.

Water Treatment Systems –Smart Shield® chemistry water treatment systems and Pulse-Pure® pulsed-power water treatment with zero chemicals.  Both options improve water efficiency and are environmentally sustainable.

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