EWC (Excellence Without Compromise) Inc. was originally a manufacturing company that produced power transformers for smart guided missile systems, helicopters, airplanes, the NASA space shuttles and other military and commercial applications.  EWC eventually entered the HVAC industry and in 1999 sold off the transformer side of the business to concentrate solely on HVAC manufacturing and design.  With the development of dampers with directional LEDs in 2000 and whole house steam humidifiers in 2001, EWC has provided comfort solutions for homeowners for decades.  

EWC’s ULTRA-ZONE system divides areas of the home based on common cooling and heating requirements.  Each zone of the home has its own thermostat which maximizes the comfort level of each zone while saving money on energy costs.  Over the lifetime of the ULTRA-ZONE, typical savings in energy costs can average hundreds per year.  

The basic components of an Ultra-Zone system are:

1) A Zone Control Panel

2) Zone Thermostats

3) Zone Dampers

4) Dedicated Transformer

5) By-pass Damper (If necessary)

The UZC Zoning System is compatible with all HVAC systems with up to 4 stages of heat and two stages of cool.

EWC will accept EWC Controls Mercury Thermostats for recycling.  Contact EWC and obtain a list of wholesale partners nearby.  Wholesale partners are the drop off points for these mercury thermostats and will comply with guidelines for shipping to EWC. 

EWC products meet the “Buy American” provisions by being manufactured and/or assembled in the United States.  EWC products include a 5 year warranty, applicable from date of installation.