Fedders, known as Airwell-Fedders North America Inc., produces residential and commercial air conditioners, heat pumps and various household appliances.  

Theodore Fedder founded his company in 1896 in Buffalo, NY as a manufacturer of milk cans, bread pans and kerosene tanks.  He added automobile radiators and later air conditioners to his product line in 1947.  With the acquisition of Climatrol in 1970, Airtemp in 1976 and Addison Products in 2004, Fedders became a widely recognized company in the HVAC industry. In 2008, Fedders was purchased by the Airwell Group, which is headquartered in Paris.  Airwell Group is a subsidiary of Elco Holding Ltd, based in Tel Aviv.  Airwell-Fedders North America Inc. is headquartered in Houston, TX. Manufacturing locations include France, Italy, China, Israel and Argentina.  

Fedders offers an array of air conditioning products from which to choose.  Non-inverter split options include wall mounted, cassette and floor standing models.  Inverter split options include cassette, block hanging, wall mount 4 way air discharge, the hidden ceiling LSN unit,  the hidden ceiling LSNB unit, the YAZ series outdoor unit and the DCI series outdoor unit.  

Multi-variable inverter splits, known as MVi, can be as simple as one outdoor unit with multiple indoor units or many outdoor units with indoor units arranged by floor or by zone.  

Air to water heat pumps include split and monoblock models. 

Fedders also offers the PDXM Series Wine Cellar special application unit.  This product maintains the proper environment for storing fine wines in your home.  

Additional products include an air curtain, portable air conditioning unit and a portable dehumidifier.  

Fedders’ warranties vary from product to product, but mostly provide limited one-year parts and labor warranty with product registration. 

Airwell-Fedders has challenged itself to become the leader of environmentally friendly HVAC manufacturers in the western hemisphere. This mandate should lead to greater innovation and efficiency within their product lines in the years ahead.  

Portable A/C and dehumidifier.

PDXM Series Wine Cellar Unit

Wall Mount Inverter and Noninverter Split