Field Controls began manufacturing products to help control and move air through heating appliances in 1927. All products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Kinston, NC.  Field Controls is also ISO 9001:2008 certified and practices LEAN/Six Sigma manufacturing processes. Field Controls is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a Women’s Business Enterprise. 

Fields Controls views every home as a system and every HVAC system as a means to deliver healthy air quality to the members of that home.  The UV-Aire air treatment and FAVC ventilation products protect the HVAC equipment while keeping the homeowner satisfied with safe air, high efficiency and comfort.  

Field Controls vents and flue dampers prevent heat and conditioned air from escaping.  These also prevent cold air from coming inside the home during downdrafts, which improves energy and heating efficiency.  

Their barometric draft controls maintain a constant draft through heating appliances despite changes in barometric pressure and temperature.  This provides for a more efficient utilization of the fuel, whether it be oil, gas or coal. 

Field Controls offers power venting or sidewall venting which are more economical and safer than chimney venting.  The power venter uses a motorized blower to vent and is interlocked with the appliance. 

Field Controls specializes in various air purifiers, including whole house air purification systems, media air clean cabinets, portable air purifiers and replacement filters, bulbs and lamps.  The Healthy Home System®️ Control (HHSC+™️) controls the central fan to maximize the efficiency of media air cleaners and purifiers.  

Field Controls manufactures combustion products including draft inducers, combustion valves, thermal safety switches, vent dampers and vent terminators. Whole house steam humidifiers and 

accessories enhance the comfort within the home system. Air Boosters assist in distributing conditioned air to any problem zones within the home.  

Evenair wire thermostats continually monitor and adjust temperatures within the home to maintain a balance by automatically adjusting modulating dampers to direct the airflow as needed.   

Field Controls also manufactures many ventilation products that provide safety and comfort for the home.  The Eliminator Foundation Ventilation Fan vents mold, radon and moisture from the crawl space.  Fresh air ventilation fans, exhaust fans and switches ensure healthier air year-round.  

CLEARWAVE®️ Electronic Hard Water Treatment removes hard water particles via electro-magnetic waves.  Clearwave eliminates the need for salt, chemicals and other treatment systems.