First Co. has been providing fan coils to the HVAC industry since 1966.  Located in Dallas, TX, their production facility encompasses more than 550,000 square feet.  With the latest in manufacturing systems and processes and a highly skilled workforce, First Co. is setting the standard for innovation and customer product specialization.  Two state of the art Psychrometric Chamber Test Systems ensure that their products are meeting high energy efficiency requirements and certifications.  

First Co. offers two main lines of product usage:  multifamily and commercial. A third product line includes water-sourced heat pumps.  

 Multifamily systems include ceiling fan coils, wall/closet/attic air handlers, single package vertical units and Aquatherm Combo Heaters.  

Commercial systems include ceiling fan coils, wall/closet/attic air handlers, belt driven air handlers, floor consoles and vertical high rise packages.  

Water sourced heat pumps include Hydrotech, vertical water source, horizontal water source and vertical high rise packages. 

Catalogs are available through the First Co. website  Products are warranted for one year from original installation or 18 months from the date of manufacture.  Compressors come with a 5 year warranty. Replacement parts are also available on the website.  

The following properties are clients of First Co.:

W Hotel, South Beach, FL

Trump Ocean Club

AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

McLane Stadium, Waco, TX