Frigiking is a line of evaporative coolers manufactured by Phoenix Manufacturing of Phoenix, AZ.  Frigiking coolers are available for residential and commercial properties. 

Frigiking Coolers are made for rooftop or thru-the-wall installation because of the side discharge with a choice of 1 or 2 speed motors. These also feature a full-closing damper that will seal the unit to prevent heat loss when not in use during the cool months.    

The Frigiking Window Cooler (formerly Brisa) comes fully assembled with a variety of sizes and models to fit the cooling needs of the home. Backed with a 10 year warranty, Frigiking Window Coolers offer maximum cooling with minimal energy costs. 

Frigiking Commercial Aspen Blower Coolers provide filtering while venting cool air into the commercial environment.  Evaporative coolers cool without the need for harmful refrigeration chemicals that are not environmentally friendly.  Evaporative coolers can result in a 75% energy savings over air conditioners while maintaining fresh cool air. Frigiking coolers are AMCA certified.   

Frigiking Residential Cooler

Frigiking Window Cooler

Aspen Commercial Cooler