Fujitsu was founded in 1935 as Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing after it was spun off from the Fuji Electric Company once it merged with Siemens AG.  Fujitsu escaped extensive damage during WWII and the Allied occupation unlike other companies in Japan.  

While primarily known as an IT company, Fujitsu Ltd. ventured into the HVAC market with Fujitsu General which produces various HVAC systems under the brand names of General, Fujitsu, Halcyon and other brand names depending upon the market. 

Fujitsu General manufactures systems for residential and commercial usage. The Fujitsu General Halcyon™ Ductless Mini-Split Systems features whisper-quiet and room-by-room heating and cooling for the home.  The Fujitsu General Halcyon™ Ductless system is available in single-room or multi-room options.  

Fujitsu also manufactures central air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, air handlers and coils, and packaged air conditioners and heat pumps for residential usage.  

The Airstage™ (VRF Systems)provide heating and cooling to buildings of almost any size.  These can be connected to an external energy supply, offer wireless LAN control and customizable auto control.  With multiple options from which to choose based on space to be heated and cooled, the Airstage systems can be designed to meet specific needs.  Indoor units can be cassettes, ceiling, floor or wall mounted, slim duct or pressure duct.  

Fujitsu Central Air Conditioner

Fujitsu gas furnaces