Glasfloss Industries, Inc. began with two engineers, Horace Lange and Theodore Tottis, in New York City, in 1836.  The company was named Air Duct Installation Co. and manufactured commercial HVAC systems.  Because the only filter manufacturer in the business, Owens Corning, primarily supplied standard-sized glass fiber filters, Lange and Tottis began making special-sized filters by disassembling standard filters and fabricating new frames to fit their systems.  Eventually, they formed Air Filters Co. specifically for the purpose of manufacturing and selling these non-standard filters. 

A newer process of air filter media manufacturing was patented by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) in 1950.  PPG contracted with Air Filters Co. to produce all their specialty sized filters made of this new media, Glasfloss, at their plants on Long Island and Newburgh, NY.  Later, PPG sold all their filter production including the tradename  Glasfloss to Lange and Tottis who later renamed their company Glasfloss Industries, Inc.    This put them in direct competition with Owens Corning.  In 1979, Owens Corning got out of the air filter industry which left Glasfloss to be the oldest American owned and operated manufacturer of air filters. After the death of Lange and Tottis, the company has remained under the direction of the family.  The production facilities have been consolidated and expanded to include locations in NV, TX, OH and FL.  GlasFloss is the largest producer of air filters in the state of TX. Company headquarters were relocated to Dallas in 2016.

Glasfloss serves all major commercial, industrial and residential HVAC filtration markets.  Product brochure is available online and includes a Spanish version.  

Products include:  disposable panel filters, pads and bulk media, automatic roll filters, Phoenix Series Polyrings and sleeves, Z-Line® Series Air Cleaner Replacement Filters, Z-Line® Pleated Series Filters, quad and cube filters, Excel® & Purapak® Series Extended Surface Bag Filters, Z-Pak® Series Rigid Cell Filters, Magna Series ASHRAE & HEPA Grade Rigid Cell Filters, Puracell II Series Mini Pleat Filters and Puracell V Series MiniPleat Filters.