GlenDimplex was founded in Newry, Northern Ireland as Glen Electric in 1973 and produced oil-filled radiators.  Glen Electric was formed in a partnership between Martin Naughton and four other men.  The company was renamed GlenDimplex in 1978 after Glen Electric merged with Dimplex, an electric heating appliance manufacturer.  This began a long list of further acquisitions by GlenDimplex of companies around the world.  In North America, the brands manufactured and sold by GlenDimplex include Cadet and Dimplex.  

The Cadet product line includes wall heaters, baseboard heaters, specialty heaters such as garage and workshop heaters and frost prevention heaters, and thermostats.  Cadet heating products allow you to heat each room individually, to supplement a central heating system and to heat without augmenting or installing any ductwork.  

The Dimplex brand includes electric fireplaces and stoves, electric baseboard heaters, fan-forced heaters, convection heaters, industrial heaters and thermostats. Glen Dimplex Americas strives to be a consistent developer of innovative technologies in the electric heating and electric fireplace market.  

Dimplex Hand Dryer

Dimplex Baseboard Heater

Cadet Media Console Electric Fireplace

Cadet Electric Stove