Goettl at one time produced air conditioners, evaporative coolers, furnaces and heat pumps for the southwestern United States.  Goettl was founded in 1939 by brothers Adam and Gust Goettl from Hungary, Austria.  Their equipment was specifically designed and manufactured for the weather in the southwest.  Eventually the company was sold to American Residential Services LLC and was sued by the state of Arizona for deceptive practices.  Phoenix Peach, an Nevada company, purchased Goettl Air Conditioning from ARS in 2012.  This purchase included several Goettl trademarks that pertain to air conditioning installation, replacement and repair services.  While Goettl no longer manufactures HVAC products, it is known throughout the southwest as a regional air conditioning and heating service company with a training facility located in Las Vegas, NV.  


Replacement parts and manuals are not available and some later Goettl products may have been produced by another company and labeled as Goettl.  Numerous complaints exist, possibly due to inferior mislabeled products.