Gree Electric is a Chinese manufacturer of small appliances headquartered in Zhuhai, China.  Gree manufactures residential and commercial air conditioners as well as electric fans, heaters, air purifiers, humidifiers and other small kitchen appliances. Gree was formed in a nameless factory in 1989 but was restructured in 1994 under the name Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai and is a multinational corporation.

Gree North America offers both commercial and residential HVAC products.  GMV5 is their commercial heat pump application.  GMV5 includes Ultra Heating (low ambient temperature heating) and Solar GMV (photovoltaic direct-driven inverter) technologies.  

The outdoor models include the heat pump mini, heat pump modular, Ultra Heating, Solar GMV heat pump and Heat Recovery heat pump.  The indoor unit is available in many options including ducted, ceiling cassettes, wall-mounted, console and floor-ceiling.  Controllers include wired and wireless, cloud, engineer remote, central, BACnet and Modbus. 

KINGHOME is the Gree Electric residential air conditioning brand  with a variety of models and levels of special features.  As with the commercial products, Ultra Heating and Solar Series are also available. Single-zone outdoor units with wall-mounted indoor units are available in 16, 18, 23,27 and 30 SEER as well as a single-zone outdoor unit with wall-mounted indoor unit Solar Hybrid Power.  Multi zone outdoor units can be matched with the option of indoor units including wall-mounted, concealed ducted, 4 way cassette, floor-ceiling and mini console.  Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning units are also sold with two options:  cooling only with electric heat and a heat pump with electric heat.  

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