Hart & Cooley, Inc. is an American based manufacturer of residential and commercial HVAC components such as grilles, registers, diffusers, duct system parts, flexible air ducts, type-b gas vents, chimneys, chimney liners, roof flashings,  access doors and a portable HEPA filtration system.  

Howard Hart and Norman Cooley opened their stamped-steel warm air register manufacturing company in Connecticut in 1901 and eventually relocated to MI. As with most other manufacturing companies during WWII, Hart & Cooley produced supplies for the war effort, but returned to HVAC production at the end of the war. Hart & Cooley has acquired many brands over the past several decades which led to a complete rebranding of the company in 2013.  Manufacturing facilities are located in  Mexico, China and the United States with distribution centers located across North America. 

 Hart & Cooley offers a variety of residential and commercial registers, grilles and diffusers including floor, baseboard, ceiling, sidewall, spiral, louvered, linear, slot, and T-Bar models.  These are available in steel, aluminum or plastic and are designed to meet any application and budget needs. 

 Flexible duct products for residential and commercial usage are formaldehyde-free and available with polyethylene jackets or metalized jackets. Air duct connectors are available in metalized polyester laminate or corrugated aluminum. 

 Hart & Cooley also manufactures all-fuel(Class A) chimneys and Type-B (gas) vents and liners and fittings as well as commercial and industrial disposal filters and multi-pleat filters for light to medium duty filtration.  

 The Envirco IsoClean® is a HEPA filtration system that is portable and self-contained and meets OSHA and CDC TB requirements and provides a high number of room air exchanges. 

Hart & Cooley sells their products under many brands including Kochfilter, heatfab, polyflue, Selkirk, AmeriVent, Ameriflow, Lima, Rezzin, AirMate, rps, PortalsPlus, Ward, Milcor, Ampco as well as Hart & Cooley.  

Multi-pleat filters

All fuel chimney

Gas vent

T-Bar Drop ceiling register

Baseboard register

Envirco IsoClean® HEPA system