Ice Air, formerly Ice Cap, is a New York based HVAC manufacturing company that specializes in commercial new construction heating and cooling systems as well as commercial retrofit/replacement systems. 

The Ice Air brand of PTAC systems include the HiSpec™ units for new construction and a full line of ExactFit™ replacement units. These PTACs are engineered for high efficiency and comply with LEED® criteria in a durable, user-friendly package. New construction units feature EERs to 12.0, as well as ultra quiet sound levels, commercial grade construction and regulated air flow. Ice Air manufactures ExactFit™ replacement units for most major manufacturer units with easy retrofitting. All PTACs come with a one year parts and labor warranty and optional additional coverage warranty. ExactFit™replacement models by manufacturer can be found at 

Eliminates heat transfer between the building’s exterior and wall sleeve casing.   

An add-on Outside Air Module that provides filtered, tempered outside air.

Improves sound transmission ratings and reduces noise transfer.

Thermostat controls for increased efficiency.

Ice Air has a full line of Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP) to fit a variety of uses including schools, health care facilities, office buildings and much more.  Ice Air pumps are ETL-listed and conform to all UL and ASHRAE 90.1 building codes and energy standards.  Ice Air units can be custom designed to meet the specifications of each building project. These pumps are available in console, vertical closet, vertical stack and horizontal options.  The Ice Air WSHPs come with a one year warranty for parts and labor.  

Ice Air Fan Coil Units (FCU) come in a variety of configurations and meet all UL and ASHRAE 90.1 codes and standards.  These FCU provide high efficiency and improve the quality of the air.  They are available in the following options:  horizontal concealed, horizontal ultra thin, vertical concealed, vertical exposed and hi rise. The horizontal concealed is recommended if floor space is an issue.  The ultra thin horizontal is recommended for under-ceiling mounting and offers the flexibility of working for new construction or a retrofit.  As with other Ice Air products, the FCUs come with a one year warranty for parts and labor.  

The Ice Air Hydronic Hybrid Water-Cooled Air Conditioners (HWCAC) provide efficient cooling with a hot water coil that provides hydronic heating for a room.  With low Entering Water Temperatures (EWT) and an optional EC motor, these HWCACs meet green energy standards.  The Console HWCAC is installed against a wall on the floor for maximum load requirements.  The vertical stack HWCAC is recommended for a room with limited space, as it offers the smallest footprint.  The horizontal hybrid water-cooled air conditioner is a low profile ceiling mounted system.  The vertical closet HWCAC is designed to blend into the room to provide a seamless look.  

The Ice Air Single Package Vertical Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps are designed to heat and cool multiple rooms from an interior wall space.  These SPAC/SPHP units require only electrical hookup and basic ductwork and can be configured to meet a variety of configurations for new construction or replacement of existing air conditioner or heat pump. 

Ice Air will customize their products to suit the construction or renovation projects of their customers with their Made2Measure design solution which cuts installation costs and time.   

Ice Air products come with the AccuZone controls in a variety of options.  Advanced controls with optional remote controls offer easy to read displays, hard-wired units and wide temperature set-point ranges. Manual controls are unit mounted with six position mode switches.  The standard digital touchpad has a user-friendly touchpad with multiple fan speed options, LCD display and LEEDs compliant Night Setback feature. The 7-Day programmable control is easy to use and can be programmed for 5/2 or 7 day options. The wireless thermostat has auto changeover mode and an easy to read display with an optional remote temperature sensor available.  The Nest “Learning Thermostat” remembers temperatures and time/day to create a customized schedule and connects to smart devices through the Nest app.