Islandaire is a manufacturer of air conditioners, heat pumps, vertical units, fan coils, water source heat pumps and gas units.  Founded in 1992 in East Setauket, NY by Robert Hansen, Islandaire is now a multi-million dollar company and one of the fastest growing specialty HVAC producers in North America. 

Thru-the-wall packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps (PTAC & PTHP) are designed by Islandaire for new construction or retrofits for a variety of industries such as hotel, healthcare, schools and universities. Three options are available:  cooling with electric heat, cooling with gas heat and cooling with hydronic heat and optional electric heat.

Water source heat pumps can be used for replacement of McQuay, Singer and Climate Master units or for new construction. These WSHPs are available as vertical, ceiling hung or console units. 

A newer product line for Islandaire is the vertical thru-the-wall air conditioners and heat pumps (VTACs and VTHPs)which can be used for retrofits or new construction.  These can be configured with electric heat or as a heat pump with backup electric heat. 

Islandaire units are designed to be compatible with most of the wireless and wired remote thermostats brands.  Islandaire can also supply thermostats and accessories that pair with all of their product units.   

A replacement guide for retrofits is available online at