Jackson Systems has been in the HVAC control business since 1997.  Tom Jackson and his father Ron built their business out of their garage.  Ron designed the products, Tom managed the business side and his mother, Bette, handled the financial side.  Their business has grown to more than 60 employees and has been voted one of the best places to work in Indiana eight times.  

Jackson Systems helps clients achieve high levels of comfort by combining a wide variety of products.  Zone control products include actuators, control boards, dampers, economizers, temperature sensors and transformers.  The control boards are applicable for split systems, heat pumps and dual fuel units. Dampers and registers come in a range of types and orientations that are paired with actuators that increase the control ability for increased comfort.  Economizers and temperature sensors track the air temperature and humidity and adjust the zones accordingly to maintain desired climate indoors. 

Jackson Systems also produces a wide range of thermostats. Digital, electric baseboard, heat pump, humidistats, hydronic, programmable and non-programmable options are available, along with thermostat accessories. 

Indoor air quality and safety and security products are also available from Jackson Systems.  Dehumidifiers, filters and humidifiers increase the quality of indoor air; while smoke,CO2 detectors and air conditioning theft alarms provide peace of mind.