Who We Are

Conditioned Air Solutions keeps on growing because we only hire the best, and our customers love us for it. We’ve been at this a long time in Huntsville, AL. What you don’t know is what it’s like to be a part of a team like Conditioned Air. How much you feel appreciated when you don’t cut corners. How much we value ongoing training and education. How it feels to have customers rave about you and demand that you’re the only HVAC professional they’ll work with. How much you can earn when you truly are the best. People often come to us looking for a job. They stay with us because they find a fulfilling career, room to grow, and opportunities to excel. WE WORK HERE! (click to read more)

The Big Task

Your main priority will be to install HVAC equipment in both residential and commercial environments. We are primarily a retrofit company, our jobs tend to be quick turnover with little room for slack or mistakes. Our installers are fast-paced, flexible and versatile.

Key Sub Tasks

We understand skills and experience will vary. Starting pay will be adjusted according to level of experience. We have openings for lead installers and multiple helpers.

  • Proficient in installing round and rectangular duct
  • Able to measure ductwork and install all equipment accessories
  • Basic understanding of sheet metal fittings
  • Can complete simple low voltage connections on furnaces, air handlers and air conditioners
  • Must be able to communicate well with customers and co-workers
  • Ability to complete all necessary paperwork
  • Braze line sets
  • Insulate duct
  • Build platforms
  • Test line sets
  • Be able to carry 100 pounds
  • Lead candidates must be able to supervise and train others
  • Safety knowledge of tools
  • Ability to consult on customer complaints and give solutions that are beneficial for customer as well as company


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