Top 5 Reasons Why Techs and Installers

DON’T Want to Work

for Conditioned Air Solutions

Conditioned Air has a reputation in the market as being a challenging place to work—we hear all about it when we interview new candidates. And it’s true, there are a lot of HVAC professionals out there that DON’T want to work for us. Here’s the top 5 five reasons why the haters, slackers, broke-fixers and slap n’ go guys don’t want to work for Conditioned Air:


  1. They only want to fix broke units.

It’s super easy to walk up on a dead unit, figure out what is wrong with it and sell a quick repair. There are those guys who only want to “fix stuff.”  We believe in the value of maintenance, which means we see a lot of units that ARE working—which calls for the ability to foresee the future….


  1. They aren’t smart enough to predict the future.

It takes of a lot of knowledge AND experience to thoroughly diagnose the whole system and correctly identify issues that will cause the unit to fail in the future. Our goal is to provide prevention to keep the unit from failing when customers need it most (on the hottest and coldest days of the year). Good maintenance is harder than just repairing units.


  1. They think maintenance is boring.

Over 60% of our business is doing serious maintenance. We CARE about the system even when it’s not broke. Which means a lot of checking pressures, measuring amp draws, looking at ductwork and reporting our findings and making recommendations to avoid impending breakdowns. It’s less about turning wrenches and more about educating customers.


  1. They would rather do it the easy way, not the right way.

We see a lot of poor workmanship when it comes to how HVAC systems are installed. It takes a lot of time in difficult working conditions such as tight crawlspaces and hot attics to install a system correctly. Our installers are true craftsmen, committed to doing it the RIGHT way, not the easy way.


  1. We have super high expectations.

We offer performance-based pay. Which means low performers don’t do very well here. But we value and rewardstrong performers.


We Are Hiring Performers!

Techs and Installers that come to work for Conditioned Air andlike the way we work, end up staying for the rest of their career. We quickly weed out the slackers, the broke-fixers and the slap n’ goers. We are always looking for rock star performers and if you are up for the challenge and think you are one of us, we’d love to talk to you!


Note: Conditioned Air Solutions is the ONLY HVAC company in Huntsville to make the contender list for the Chamber’s 2020 Best Places to Work Award—we must be doing something right!!