Kelvinator was a US manufacturer of home refrigerators that began in 1914 in Detroit, MI with Buick executives and inventor Nathaniel Wales.  The company was named the Kelvinator Corporation in homage to Lord Kelvin, the physicist for whom the Kelvin temperature scale was named after he discovered absolute zero.  In 1925, Kelvinator premiered the first self-contained electric home refrigerator.  The company went through many mergers and buyouts over the decades and is a now defunct company.  However, the brand is still in production by the Swedish group Electrolux.  Kelvinator commercial refrigeration products are sold in the US, while domestic refrigerators are sold under the Kelvinator brand in Australia.  

Kelvinator® commercial refrigerators and freezers are designed to meet the specific needs of professionals in the food service industry.  These include stainless steel door refrigerators and upright freezers, high performance chest freezers, glass top ice cream display freezers, bar cabinets, chef prep bases, milk coolers, reach in refrigerators and freezers and undercounter freezers.

 Kelvinator® offers a three year parts and labor warranty, a five year compressor warranty which is backed by a nationwide network of service technicians.  All Kelvinator® Commercial products meet the NSF/ANSI 7 standards required for food service usage.  

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