Lau started in 1931 in Dayton, OH as the Lau Blower Company.  It produced high efficiency blower wheels and developed forced air solutions for homes. Edgar Lau went on to develop the welded blower wheels with welded blades, the Preslok™ blower wheel center disc and the first external rotor motorized blower package.  

Lau offers a diverse product line of air moving devices that are fit to the application and not the other way around.  Wheels, blowers, plenum fans, Preslok™ wheels and blowers and stack fans make up the centrifugal product line.  The axial products include many different propeller options.  

For replacements, Lau offers heavy duty propellers, which are much cheaper to replace than a damaged motor. Condenser style, free air, large steel, Cobra-2 and Cobra-3 blade propellers will hold their balance in even the toughest application. Single and double inlet blower wheels as well as belt drive and direct drive blower assemblies are available for residential and commercial usage.  Often Lau replacements will outlast the original product design.  Lau replacements are made to the specific requirements of the customer.