Liebert is a brand of AC power and thermal management equipment produced by Vertiv Holdings Company based in Columbus, OH.  Vertiv manufactures power, cooling and IT infrastructure equipment and services for datacenters.  Vertiv has assembly and manufacturing facilities around the world. Their products and services are marketed to “extend from the cloud to the edge of the network.”

Liebert technology safeguards the customer’s technology by providing power and thermal management ecosystems to protect and allow continual access to the technology applications. 

Critical power solutions maintain an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to keep all critical systems working, even during power failures.  These include computer and peripheral UPS, server and network UPS, data center UPS, floor-mount power distribution solutions and static transfer switches. Power controls and monitoring products allow the customer to continue making input into the data center during power outages.   

Thermal management products control the heat and humidity of the IT ecosystem.  These can be customized to meet specific location specifications and even specific business goals.  Liebert is designed and built to improve the management of heat and humidity while keeping operating costs low. 

Product types include heat rejection units, high density AC solutions, outdoor package systems, air conditioning room coolers, in-row coolers, rack coolers, evaporative free cooling and free cooling chillers with thermal control and monitoring.