Mammoth light commercial HVAC is a brand manufactured by Nortek Global HVAC.  It began as the International Oil Heating Company and produced oil burners for residential heating.  Located in St. Louis, the company set out to improve the massive air pollution problem in St. Louis caused by wood and coal burning furnaces in the early 1900s. After achieving success there, International Oil took its conversion kits to the nation. Since then, Nortek Global HVAC has been a world leader in developing new solutions and innovations including:  first oil heater and sealed combustion furnace for manufactured housing, first central air conditioning for trailers, first wind tunnel machine for better pilot light testing, and much more.  

Mammoth light commercial products range in capacity from just under 5 tons up to 15 tons and are suitable for light commercial needs as well as retrofit jobs.   

Mammoth offers two options for light commercial packaged systems for heating and cooling.  The Ultra-High Efficiency Packaged Systems range from 2-5 ton in size.  These systems reduce energy costs and are available in gas or electric.  The R6GI is a 20 SEER, 81% AFUE, gas/electric system for cooling.  The R8HE is a 14 SEER, 95% AFUE, gas/electric packaged system for ultra efficient heating.

The three-phase packaged systems range from 3-15 ton and can be configured in a variety of configurations of heat pump, gas/electric and electrical. The P8SE, 14 SEER, 3-5 ton electric/electric is a packaged air conditioner.  The P7TQ is a 12.9, IEER, 6-10 ton packaged electric/electric system.  The R7TQ is a gas/electric system that is a direct replacement rooftop unit.  The R6GN is a gas/electric packaged system that is a higher tonnage specifically designed for retrofits.  Because it is compatible with most standard footprints, the installation is simpler.  The R8GE is a gas heat and electric air conditioning unit. The Q6SP 11 EER packaged heat pump is perfect for retrofits as it fits most standard footprints. 

The single phase packaged systems come in a variety of sizes and efficiencies with dual-fuel systems to gas/electric options.  The electric/electric air conditioner packaged system uses the new environmentally-friendly refrigerants.  The two stage heating and cooling unit comes in a gas/electric packaged system to allow for greater comfort. The packaged heat pump offers exceptional high efficiency in a self-contained heating and cooling system.The heat pump/dual fuel packaged systems offers the efficiency of a heat pump and the comfort of a gas furnace. This system heats with electricity and gas which provides the most efficient use of energy. 

If a packaged system is not right for your location, Mammoth offers split-systems for smaller needs (3-5 tons) or big needs (7.5-10 ton) in air conditioning and heat pump options. Additionally, Mammoth manufactures indoor air handlers that can pair with the air conditioners and heat pumps to maximize the comfort levels and performance of the systems. 

Mammoth unit heaters use the latest technology to provide space heating to fit any need.  The gas-fired unit heaters are available in 30,000 to 400,000 BTUHs and are sometimes eligible for rebates from utility companies.  The gas-powered infrared unit heaters are available in high intensity infrared or low intensity tubular infrared.  These are ideal for high-ceiling installations. 

The Mammoth variable-refrigerant flow (VRF) systems allow for simultaneous heating and cooling and are easy to install and maintain.  These can be combined with up to 80 indoor connections.  The air handler indoor units come in ducted, ceiling cassette, wall-mount, console, and universal floor/ceiling types. All VRF indoor units come with wireless remotes.