Maritime Geothermal Ltd. is a geothermal heat pump manufacturer located in New Brunswick, Canada.  Maritime manufacturers Nordic heat pumps for residential and commercial applications and these are available as liquid source heat pumps, high temperature heat pumps, and air source heat pumps.

Liquid source heat pumps are referred to by several different names:  geothermal heat pumps, water source heat pumps or ground source heat pumps. These convert heat collected from the ground into hot air, hot water or both.  Nordic makes heat pumps that can do all three functions.

The R Series liquid-to air heat pump forces air through ductwork to heat and cool the home and is suitable for single and multi-family homes. 

The  Nordic® TF Series liquid-to-air and water heat pump is otherwise known as the Triple Function Series.  It provides hot water for radiant in-floor heat, forced air heating and cooling and home hot water all in the same unit. 

Nordic offers three options in the liquid-to-water heat pumps.  These remove heat from the ground and then redistribute this heat through in-floor radiant systems or fan coils.  The heat may also be used to heat a swimming pool. The W Series Residential is for homes or light commercial applications that use the hot water for in-floor heat.  The EMW Series is a standard component unit with no selectable options.  The W Series Commercial is appropriate for large scale heating and cooling that can reverse to cool surfaces.  

High-temperature heat pumps can provide large quantities of hot water for hot water baseboards, radiators or home hot water needs.  The Nordic WH Series is a water to water heat pump that provides hot water from a tank that is preheated before circulating in the home. The Nordic WC Serie uses a dual refrigerant system and a regular ground loop or water well to provide the hot water.  

Nordic air source heat pumps, or air to air heat pumps, are not geothermal heat pumps and are designed for homes where space for a traditional geothermal unit is not available.  These provide forced air heating and cooling, radiant in-floor heat and home hot water needs. 



The Nordic® AHW Series hydronic air handlers take heat from hot water and use a water-to-air heat exchanger and a blower to force air through the air ducts.  The reverse, using chilled water, provides forced cool air and are useful for homes that have in-floor heating and need a source of air conditioning during the warmer months.