Marley is a brand of cooling towers produced by SPX Cooling Technologies based in Overland Park, Kansas.  SPX is a global company that combines innovative design, leading technologies and excellent customer service to solve any cooling needs. 

A cooling tower is a type of heat exchanger that reduces water temperature by bringing it into direct contact with air.  As this contact occurs, some of the water is evaporated which reduces the temperature of the water that remains and is circulated through the tower.  

Marley cooling towers are available in various sizes and design types.  Towers are specific to each application, so it is important to determine which tower is best suited for a specific project.  

The Marley crossflow cooling towers include the Marley NC and the NC Everest.  The NC Everest comes factory assembled and the NC can be factory assembled or assembled onsite.  

The Marley MD and the MD Everest are both factory assembled counterflow cooling towers designed for higher cooling applications such as data and health centers.  

The Marley Aquatower is one of the first cooling towers ever in production.  All parts are in open view which makes maintenance simple and cost effective.  The Aquatower is factory assembled and compact in size.  

The Marley AV is a single flow, induced draft crossflow cooling tower.  With a small footprint, this design reduces energy costs and is an excellent choice to replace older forced draft counterflow units. 

The Marley NC Alpha is a splash fill, crossflow cooling tower constructed of rugged galvanized stainless steel and comes with a 5-year warranty.  It can be maintained while in operation and is efficient even in high heat.  By using the QuietSound option, the NC Alpha has low operating noise level. 

The Marley MCW forced draft counterflow cooling tower is also built with heavy galvanized steel with stainless steel upgrade as an option. This design has large access doors which makes for easy entry and exit as well as easy access to the motors and fans. This unit is factory assembled or field erected and is an excellent choice for sound and space-sensitive applications.  


The Recold JT forced draft cooling tower has a low profile designed for applications where limited height is an issue.  The indoor fan is also designed for areas with limited height, especially where ducting is required and quiet operation is necessary. 

The Marley 400/800 MD Unilite counterflow cooling tower is designed for large scale HVAC, power and industrial applications.  These are custom designed and manufactured for performance, structure, drift and sound and are available in fiberglass, concrete or wood.  

The Marley CP cooling tower is an induced-draft, counterflow cooling tower designed with a stainless steel internal structure and fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) casing.  The outer casing is corrosion and chemical attack resistant. The CP comes fully factory assembled, partially assembled or ready for on-site assembly.  Heat transfer fill media options can accommodate clean to very dirty water applications.  

The Marley 600 is a field erected crossflow cooling tower with double-flow vertical discharge.  This design was patented by Marley in the 1930s and is ideal for poor water quality applications.  The 600 comes in various cell sizes, fill air travels and fill heights.  Many other options and combinations can be selected to achieve maximum thermal performance. 

Marley 800 natural draft field erected cooling towers are designed for large power stations and industrial plants requiring significant amounts of cooling water.  Because this tower operates without a fan, the energy savings is substantial. These cooling towers are custom created with experts in chemical, civil and mechanical engineering, soil mechanics, concrete design, hydraulics, heat transfer material and machine design.  These towers can be designed to operate in cold climates. 

The QuadraFlow crossflow cooling tower can operate in all seasons and a wide range of environments.  This tower is field erected and manufactured with non-corroding materials in a compact design that offers high performance, easy maintainability and years of reliable cooling.  


The Marley Sigma crossflow cooling tower is available in fiberglass, steel, stainless steel and wood with film fill. The Sigma comes with a 5 year limited warranty and is reliable in all four seasons.  With low maintenance and operating costs, this tower guarantees trouble free performance. 

The Series 10 and 15 cooling towers are crossflow,splash fill,  wood cooling towers that are field constructed.  Designed for all water systems, including dirty water systems, the Series 10 and 15 allows for easy maintenance while in operation. 

The Marley MS/Architectural cooling tower is perfect when aesthetics is important.  Custom designed to meet installation needs, all the materials and technology are just as high quality as other Marley towers to provide long term reliability.  

The NCWD hybrid crossflow cooling tower is factory assembled and offers an innovative, patented design that reduces plume by heating the wet air coming in from the rain zone.  

The Marley NC Fiberglass cooling tower combines the corrosion resistance of fiberglass with a steel support structure.  This provides an industrial-strength product for demanding HVAC and industrial applications. The NC fiberglass towers can be maintained while remaining online and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.  

The Marley NX crossflow fiberglass cooling tower has all weather flexibility and low sound fans and was designed for smaller tonnage applications.  Because of its ability to withstand a wide variety of climate conditions, the NX is geared toward the global market with light industrial HVAC needs. 

The Marley round hybrid natural draft cooling tower with plume abatement eliminates recirculation effects and allows for the cooling of higher water flow rates while reducing visible plume. The use of natural draft versus a fan greatly lowers operating costs.  

The Marley round forced draft cooling tower is designed to reduce energy needs, minimize recirculation effects, provide optimal behavior for salt water applications while maximizing space requirements and an aesthetic look.  Maintenance can be completed with the section cut-off design which allows other sections to continue online operations. 

SPX Cooling Technologies can provide a variety of services in addition to the products.  Contact them at for guides, design options as well as parts and maintenance tools and materials.