Mastercool is a manufacturer of air conditioning tools and automotive products, headquartered in New Jersey. Mastercool is a family owned and operated business with offices also located in Belgium and Brazil which allows for distribution to over 60 countries. 

The primary focus for Mastercool is “to make the everyday work of the HVAC technician easier”.

Mastercool manufactures blower fans that can cool 300 CFM with an optional heating attachment and a blower fan that can cool up to 1200 CFM.  

Other products include couplers, charging scales, portable electronic charging stations, recovery cylinders and equipment and refrigerant identifiers.  

Hoses, adapters, valves, gauges and gauge protectors, manifolds, thermometers, air probes, handheld diagnostic tools, leak detectors, vacuum pumps and gauges and other service tools are all the HVAC products that Mastercool designs for ease of use with the newest technology available.