Daikin McQuay is a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd. after being purchased by Daikin in 2006.  Originally founded in 1872 as Remington Machine Co., the business was known for its production of steam engines.  The company expanded over the years and had been acquired many times before the Daikin purchase.  McQuay operates more than 13 production facilities in Europe, Asia and North America.

McQuay products are manufactured for every climate with environmentally friendly design solutions.  These products offer low energy costs, improved air quality and low noise comfort.  

The water cooled centrifugal chiller comes with an optional heat recovery version and a heat pump version. Ideal for retrofit and for small footprint applications. 

The water cooled screw chiller also comes with a heat recovery version and a heat pump version. This chiller uses R-134a refrigerant and offers the quietest sound level at 79 dBa. This large capacity chiller has a small footprint with a high efficiency full load and part load operation. 

The AAF International air handling unit is a EUROVENT certified integrated air handling system designed to provide high static pressure and low leak applications for healthcare and data centres. 

The McQuay air handling unit offers modular platform and multiple component options with unlimited configurations and low leakage construction. The HEPA filtration, UV lights and air purifier provides high quality indoor air.  

The magnetic bearing oil-free water cooled chiller increases the reliability and life span while eliminating the potential for contamination of heat-transfer surfaces.  

The water cooled split high efficiency unit can be configured with a variety of indoor units including wall mounted, ceiling cassette and ceiling concealed.  It offers a self diagnosis feature which can detect a fault in the system and comes with choice of control systems.     

The water cooled MDS (multi digital scroll) unit is compact for easy installation, provides heating and cooling and pairs with wall mounted, ceiling exposed, ceiling cassette, ceiling concealed and high static ducted indoor units. 

The variable refrigerant flow system provides a broader temperature operating range with long piping design for flexibility and design application.  This system also can be paired with many different indoor units and comes with a choice of control system. 

McQuay also manufactures the various indoor split system units for replacements and retrofits. Specific warranty and service information can be found by contacting McQuay International online.