NuTone was founded in Cincinnati, OH by J. Ralph Corbett in 1936.  Corbett had financially backed an inventor who invented a doorbell.  The inventor defaulted on the loan so Corbett manufactured the product under the brand name NuTone and marketed it as an affordable doorbell that would replace the door buzzer.  NuTone went on to create other home products such as the kitchen ventilator hood and built-in kitchen appliances.  The Corbetts sold their interest in NuTone to the Scoville Manufacturing Company and eventually Nortek Global HVAC purchased it in 1998.  It was merged with the Broan brand and sometimes the two brands are used hyphenated or each on their own. 

  NuTone manufactures gas furnaces, convertible airflow packaged systems in gas/electric, dual-fuel and all electric, horizontal airflow packaged systems in air conditioner/heat pump combo,split system air conditioners and heat pumps, air handlers, indoor coils and system accessories such as air cleaners, thermostats and humidifiers. Many of the models meet Energy Star certifications.   

 The F Series and K Series gas furnaces range from 96% AFUE to 80% AFUE with multiple and variable speed blowers. 

 The gas/electric and dual-fuel convertible airflow packaged systems feature SmartLite Control Boards with enhanced coil technology and square duct connection.

The horizontal airflow packaged systems feature round duct connections and air conditioner/heat pump combinations in electric. 

The split system air conditioners range from 14 to 20 SEER with 1 ½ to 5 ton capacity.  Five of these units carry the Energy Star certification.  

The split system heat pumps provide up to 19 SEER with ultra high and extra high efficiency options.  

NuTone air handlers offer multi-poise units and vertical units with variable, multi or fixed speed options.  The indoor coils come cased and uncased with multi-poise options.  Electronic, media and HEPA air cleaners provide long-life air filtration with high efficiency filters.  NuTone thermostats are available in universal, programmable, digital and manual options with backlit displays.  NuTone humidifiers reduce static electricity while adding moisture to the home environment to relieve nasal discomfort and dry skin problems related to dry air.

NuTone products come with a 10 year limited warranty when registered.  For compressors and furnace heat exchangers, this warranty includes complete replacement within the first 10 years.  Air handlers and coils come with a 3 year all parts limited warranty while all accessories come with the full 10 year limited parts warranty.