Pelonis Technologies manufactures cooling fans, blowers, induction motors and specialty heating products for the commercial and industrial industries for more than 25 years.  These products can be found in the medical, aerospace, defense, automotive and HVAC arenas in addition to many more.  

Pelonis has AC and DC fans that will fit any application including micro fans and standard sizes.  These deliver quiet operation with optimum performance. Their unique design prevents overheating with built-in locked rotor protection.  Choose from forward curve centrifugal fans, micro cooling fans and blowers, HVAC axial fans, cross flow fans, inline fans, backward curve centrifugal fans and automotive fans.

Pelonis heaters include Ultra-Thin Flexible heaters and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters that provide efficient heat transfer within a small space. The temperature controllers regulate the amount of heat and maintain the ideal operating range.  The MT Series Micro Temperature and Time Controller is small and lightweight while the MT Series can be customized for different layouts. The immersion heaters, also known as bayonet heaters, are powered electrically and have high thermal conductivity and efficiency for both gaseous and liquid materials. 

Pelonis Technologies comply with UL, CUL, CE and TUV requirements and all facilities are ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified.