Phoenix Manufacturing has been producing evaporative coolers since 1975.  Its markets include residential, commercial and industrial customers in the United States and worldwide.  Phoenix manufactures the FrigiKing brand of evaporative coolers in addition to the Aerocool brand.  

Phoenix residential coolers include the Aerocool Trophy and Aerocool Pro Series, both which utilize a single-inlet design and provide maximum performance with minimal maintenance.  Phoenix also produces the FrigiKing residential Aspen rigid media rooftop ducted coolers and the FrigiKing window coolers.  The window  units are ideal for small rooms, garages or workshops.  

The Aerocool rigid media industrial fan coolers are designed for large areas that require consistent cooling requirements across the area, such as warehouses and laundries.  These can reduce energy costs by up to 70% by utilizing commercial grade fan blades versus a standard blower wheel.  These are available in 2-3 HP or 5 HP units.  

The FrigiKing Aspen commercial blower  is also known as an air washer due to the filtering of the air prior to entering the work space.  It can also be used as an air handler without using water to meet make-up air requirements for industrial settings such as kitchens and dry cleaning facilities.  The Aspen fan cooler utilizes fan blades instead of a blower to move the air which results in cost savings and reduced noise output.  

The Master Blaster series portable coolers provide powerful cooling with low maintenance and easy portability.  With two sizes from which to choose, the Master Blaster can cool patios or garages all the way up to large factories or work spaces.  

The EcoKool by Phoenix reduces the temperature around the coils of an air conditioner by drawing hot air through the media, drawing off the moisture and delivering cool air to the air conditioner coils thereby allowing the air conditioner to function more efficiently and boosting energy savings overall.