With us, you know the cost *before* we start work.

We want you to know what you’ll pay *up front*, not after we’re half done.  When you schedule a service call, your only commitment is to our $79 diagnostic fee.  Our trained technicians will not only figure out your problem, but also what caused it, then give you an exact price for repair or replacement.  You can then make an intelligent decision on your best choice.

.But we won’t give you a price over the phone.

We get calls “just asking for a ballpark price”, but we don’t work that way because it is neither in your nor our best interest.  Why?  Because it isn’t possible to give you an accurate price when we’ve not actually seen the problem ourselves.  We don’t want to be the guys who tell you its going to be $79 and then surprise you with a $600 bill!  That happens a lot in our industry, but we don’t do business that way.

.Here’s how we do business:

  1. We’ll schedule your appointment.
  2. We’ll email you a picture and bio of your technician – you won’t have a stranger coming to your house.
  3. He’ll call you when he’s on the way.
  4. He’ll arrive in a clean truck, he’ll be in uniform, have a business card with his picture, and be clean, polite, experienced, and professional.
  5. He’ll diagnose the problem then give you a detailed written exact price (not an estimate!) to fix it.
  6. You decide what you want to do, and then we do it for you.