It doesn’t get easier than this. We are dedicated to giving your customer the best experience possible when it comes to feeling confident about the HVAC in their potential new home.

When your customer uses us for the inspection, you will in turn give them one free year of our Service Partner Plan at closing. This is our twice a year inspection of the unit. You are essentially giving them their money back and then some from the inspection! The customer would be responsible for any repairs needed at the time of inspection should anything be brought to the attention of the technician.

  • Buyer gets a detailed report on the HVAC system(s) of the prospective home.
  • Report includes photos and our professional recommendations to ensure the system(s) are operational.
  • Should any repairs be needed, we provide up front pricing in the report.
  • We email the report the same day.
  • Cost is only $99 per unit.


Includes a certificate for a FREE YEAR of maintenance that the realtor gives to the buyer at the closing.

This is a GREAT VALUE: One year of maintenance is normally  $199 for one unit, $299 for two units and $399 for three units. You are essentially giving them money, as well as peace of mind, at closing for using us for their inspection.


  • Inspections are paid for at time of booking the call.
  • Someone with access to the inside of the house must be present at the time of the inspection. (unless lock box code provided).
  • All inspections are scheduled for the first appointment of the day.



*We are not going to alter our inspection form to suit the needs of each individual client. This is very time consuming. Our forms are detailed and the suggested price for repairs is included for the client. 

*Not choosing CAS for the repairs is at the discretion of the CURRENT HOMEOWNER and we understand that. 

*We have your best interest at heart with this offer. We are excited to give you peace of mind that you’re buying a home with a well working HVAC unit. We are equally excited to gain you as a customer. 

*We are thorough. If someone can come in and inspect your HVAC in under 30 minutes…RUN. For added peace of mind, we are basically giving you your money back after the inspection by giving you a free one year service plan, per unit. This is a value of $200 for one unit, and $100 per unit after that. (If your house has 3 units we are giving you a $400 service plan for the first year.)

*Delta T is another way of saying the difference between supply and return 

*Weather can be a factor on the day of inspection. If it is raining all things outside such as testing refrigerant levels cannot safely be done and we will give you the option to reschedule, or we will come back at a later time just to test that specifically. 

*We appreciate you choosing and trusting CAS to take care of your HVAC.