George Reznor established Reznor Manufacturing Company in 1888 to produce his invention of the reflector-style natural gas  residential heater. Located in Mercer, PA, his production facility was rumored to be the largest in the world.  Eventually the company was acquired by Nortek and several other brands including Ambirad, Gaz Industrie and Molimex-Therm were consolidated under the Reznor brand.

Reznor HVAC products include air handlers, condensers, destratification units, direct-fired heaters, duct furnaces, electric heaters, evaporative coolers, gas infrared radiant heaters, tubular radiant heaters, MUA and DOAS systems, packaged units, variable refrigerant flow systems and unit heaters.  

Reznor air handlers can be configured in a variety of options to best meet the needs of the space. Options include indoor, rooftop or pad mounting and can be combined with cooling coils and condensers. With their pre-engineered ventilation air handler (PREEVA) series units, the components can be custom selected based on the specific size and requirements of the application.  Air handler units can be paired with electric heat pumps or air conditioners, gas fired combustion heaters, indirect fired natural gas, propane or oil heaters, separated combustion for natural gas or propane, and packaged duct furnace systems for natural gas or propane.  Many of these also come with optional cooling systems.  

Reznor condensers can be combined with air handlers to maximize cooling for any size space. These condensers can be slab or rooftop mounted and come as split system air conditioner and heat pump options for light commercial applications, or the MASA condenser that can reach 20 ton cooling capacity at full load.  The MASA is applicable for showrooms, retail, offices and other heavy commercial applications. Reznor condensers operate based on the temperature outdoors which results in cost savings. 

A system that can capture hot air at the high levels of a building and redirect it to the work area yields lower costs and reduces wasted heat.  Reznor destratification units can be installed indoors or outdoors in industrial or commercial buildings that have large open spaces that need to be heated, cooled, ventilated or filtrated. The AEB indirect fired vertical unit can be operated on natural gas, LP or oil and can be fitted with steam, hot water or electric coils for heating. 

Reznor offers a variety of heating options.  The direct-fired systems require no venting or flue piping and can be vertically or horizontally arranged indoors or outdoors.  These units can be floor, outdoor pad, rooftop or suspension mounted.  Because these deliver a good heat-to-air volume value, these units are ideal for heating large areas such as warehouses or distribution centers. 

The duct furnace heating option is ideal for spaces that need additional heating and can be customized with other systems for a complete facility design.  These gas-fired heating coils can be paired with an air handling unit or can replace steam and hot water coils in a pre-existing boiler system. These units are indoor or outdoor installed and are appropriate for commercial or industrial sites. 

Reznor offers a line of electric heaters that can be mounted horizontally, on the wall or ceiling or vertically with factory threaded rods. These standard and heavy duty heaters are ideal for large commercial spaces such as sports arenas, showrooms and workshops. Smaller heaters such as the baseboard heater, wall or ceiling mounted heater and the portable heater come in a variety of color options and are ideal for hallways, stairwells, or other areas where space is limited and/or additional heating is needed. 

Reznor evaporative cooling modules operate in dry climates by using water vapor to cool the air and add moisture to the space.  It can be packaged with a variety of heating options and reduces overall energy costs. 

Gas infrared radiant heaters direct the heat only where it is needed thereby reducing energy costs while creating a comfortable climate within the space.  The high intensity heaters use natural gas or propane and are mounted on the ceiling rafters or on a framework attached to the wall.  

Reznor tubular radiant heaters operate on natural gas or propane and are designed for spaces where harsh conditions might not be suitable for standard heaters prone to rust and corrosion.  The single stage and two stage tubular heaters are applicable for outdoors while the push-through single and two stage tubular heaters are applicable for indoor settings.

Reznor features equipment for heating, cooling and dehumidification applicable for makeup air (MUA) and dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS).  An MUA system is applicable for areas with high exhaust levels such as kitchens, laboratories and paint booths.  A DOAS directs fresh air into a location with high occupancy such as schools, restaurants, bars and retail shops.  Reznor hot gas reheat circuits are designed to function without freezing, even in low temperature conditioners.  

Packaged heating, cooling and dehumidifying HVAC units can be configured to meet the specific comfort needs of a space with a minimal footprint.  These light commercial units are reliable with quiet operation and a digital controller system. Options include a heat pump with optional gas heating, all electric heating and cooling, packaged gas and electric, with up to 20 SEER capability. These high efficiency packaged units are available in more than 20 field and factory installed options. 

Reznor unit heaters are compact, aesthetically pleasing and designed for zone heating to deliver heat only where it is needed.  These are ideal for areas where looks matter, such as showrooms and retail space.  Reznor unit heaters come with a 5 year warranty on parts and a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger. 

The Reznor line of variable refrigerant flow or VRF products pair an outdoor unit with multiple indoor units thereby allowing for climate control within different rooms or zones. Options include an indoor heat pump wall mount, a 2 way or 4 way ceiling cassette air conditioner, console type heat pump, duct heat pump, and a floor or ceiling mounted heat pump.  These indoor units can be paired with outdoor modular condensing units that are side or top discharge and can handle up to 60 indoor units.