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  • Duct Systems.

We do duct systems differently.  There are other companies in Huntsville who do quality work, but much depends on what that work is.  HVAC companies are just like insurance companies in that some are better at some things and worse at others – it depends on what they specialize in.  Since IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is all about your duct system, we’ve worked hard to hone our duct system skills.

A duct system is probably 3x as labor intensive as installing a new unit, and this is where we shine.  We don’t cut corners and we don’t make the mistake of not putting the proper resources into finding and training our people to know all the little details of a duct system.  We don’t have technicians who also install units – we have master craftsman who do installs all day every day.  One of our lead installers was overheard saying this recently:  “I don’t want to be a service tech.  I’m an installer and duct is what I do and if I don’t know everything about it, then how am I supposed to do my job?”  That’s the attitude we look for.

When we’re done you won’t just have a new duct system, but it will be the right size duct to every room in your house, to deliver the right amount of air where it needs to go.  That varies from house to house and the only way we can ensure that in your house is a room by room load calculation.  Most companies a) don’t do a load calculation at all and b) if they do, they don’t do a room by room one.  This is critical because there are many factors that determine proper air flow and temperature balancing, including which way your house faces, where your bedrooms are, exterior walls, etc.

We do a duct pressure test and adjust and balance your airflow until it is just right.

In the end, the vast majority of duct systems are not right.   Will they “work”?  Yes, but they won’t do all the system is really supposed to do, and they won’t be as comfortable as you deserve.