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A system check (or diagnostic check) is a thorough, step-by-step evaluation of your heating/cooling system.  Our 70 point inspection process is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that your system is in top condition.

We evaluate all safety related items such as switches and gas components.

We inspect your wiring and tighten anything that is loose.

Your system’s refrigeration circuit is a closed loop and should never lose refrigerant.  If it is low, you have a problem, and the longer the problem exists, the more damage can be done, and the more costly the repair.

Our check of your motors and capacitors can often spot trouble coming down the road because abrupt failure can sometimes damage other parts of your system.

After we’ve been through every part of your system we do what we call “Educate and provide options.”  This means we give you a written report on your entire system, spend as much time as you want explaining the details, and if we’ve found anything wrong, we give you an exact price to fix it. Up Front Pricing, No Surprises.

You are never obligated (or pressured!) to fix anything – the decision is always yours.  And the report is yours to keep!