Zonex Systems began manufacturing simple control systems for HVAC equipment in 1988. Prior to the formation of Zonex, a group of engineers had been actively developing new technologies for various HVAC companies.  In 1967, this group pioneered a VAV (Variable Air Volume)type of heating and cooling which maintained the air at a constant temperature while varying the airflow. This was marketed to Mammoth and Chrysler.  

An electronic version of this VAV was introduced in 1977 and later sold to Carrier and then to Trane. 

With the start of Zonex Systems, the company began to manufacture their latest patented technology for residential and light commercial HVAC producers.  This new technology is the Direct Digital Control (DDC) system that can control a 2-zone system all the way up to a 200-zone system. Zonex also developed wireless controllers.  As the market needs change within the industry, Zonex continues to add new products and technologies to their production line. Meeting the needs of the customers to provide a comfortable environment is the focus of what they do. 

The California Economizer zone dampers enable room by room zone control. Each zone damper is controlled by a zone thermostat. More than one damper can be controlled by one zone thermostat (slaving dampers).

Zoning systems can save up to 29% on heating and cooling costs when combined with thermostats, according to the National Association of Homebuilders.   

Zonex Systems is based in Huntington Beach, CA where their manufacturing plant is also located.