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Keeping Your Home Cleaner This Winter


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As winter approaches cold, wet weather occurs more frequent. Your furry friends will probably be spending more time indoors with you over the next few months. We also tend to have more guests visit and with the 8” tree in your home, your cleaning may become more frequent. Here are some tried and true tips to keep your home cleaner during this holiday season and after.

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Products That Work


  1.  An outdoor mat allows your pets and guests to clean the easy to clean materials off of their paws or shoes before entering your home. Even if they just walk across the mat, they are made with rougher materials to loosen any dirt or matter attached to what it touches.
  2. An indoor mat or rug is also a good idea. This allows a set place for pets and guests to discard any wet or muddy wear before tracking it through your home.
  3. Check out your local home improvement store or paint store and pick up a clean room sticky mat. They sit on the floor as any other mat but have a layer of sticky plastic that will cling to any dirt it touches without hurting shoes or bare feet. These come with many layers that can easily be pulled off as they get dirty. This is great for a high traffic are in your home. It stops the dirt at the door, literally.
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Cleaning Products

  1. You can’t clean if you don’t have anything to clean with. Prevent that by making sure your basic cleaning materials are available in your home. A great cleaner for every flat surface should be on hand to keep your home clean and orderly. A great degreaser to clean your kitchen may not work on your floors, so keep your cabinet stocked with your favorite items.
  2. Maintaining the conditions of your floors can actually keep it cleaner. A well waxed or sealed floor leaves no room for dust and dirt to hide. This makes your cleaning routine go faster each time.
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Leave the Dirt at the Door

  1. Some homes traditionally welcome their guests with slipper or grippy socks to keep their cold, wet feet warm if they are staying a while. For your furry friends, you could have towels out to clean them before they decide to shake it off. These simple items could make a real difference in keeping your home clean.
  2. Having a bench or chair by your door with a basket of supplies underneath can be a simple yet welcoming thing for your guests and pets.
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Air Filter

  1. With guests over more often and the weather changing, your air filters may need to be changed more often. The dirt and dust is brought into your home through doors and windows but also by and small crack or opening in your home. These opening could be as simple as an uncovered electrical outlet or an unsealed window you barely notice. An air filter will catch the air and have you breathing easier. A clean air filter will also allow the air to circulate through your home better which is better for your HVAC.
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Things You Can Do

Groom Your Pets

  1. Bath and groom you pets more often. As their coats thicken more dirt and oil can get caught in their fur. It doesn’t matter if they are just coming in more often due to the weather or if they live inside, a good cleaning before they need it will keep your home cleaner and smelling better.
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  1. And when you finish that, dust again. You may not be able to see the tops of your doors, bookcase, and windows but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a film of dust on those surfaces. Dust circulates through air and lands where it can. If it isn’t removes, it will circulate more. So, grab your duster and go to town. Once that is done you may be amazed with how much dirt was still left in your home.
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Clean Your Trash Cans

  1. Giving your indoor trash cans a good rinse with some disinfectant and water can really help keep your home cleaner and smelling better. Anything left in the bottom of the container can make its way back into your home when changing out bags.  Mold and bacteria aren’t always visible.  Even if it looks clean, if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you will want to do that.
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Vacuum Behind, well, Everything!

  1.  When was the last time you cleaned around your appliances? Like those high up places in your home, dust will accumulate anywhere. Are you are constantly cleaning your home and wonder why it doesn’t stay clean for long? It may be because you never got all of the dirt out in the first place and it is just moving around.
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Winterize Your Entry

  1. When things get colder they constrict. This includes your doors and windows. This is why these areas may be draftier in the winter and stick when opening in the warmer months. A door sweep can really help any draft from underneath your door. Caulking and weather-stripping will also help your entries to have a good seal all winter long. This will keep your home warmer and your power bill lower.
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Water Your Plants

  1.  A plant in need of water may lose their leaves. They also tend to have dry and dusty soil if the moisture is not maintained. By making sure your house plants are watered regularly, you are not only keeping them happier but also keeping your home cleaner. This can be exceptionally important for your Christmas tree. Depending on the type of tree you have and how big it is, it may need to be watered more often. Check it at least 3-4 times a week. Do this more often the longer it is in your home to prevent it from shedding its needles early.
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These easy tips can save you so much time this winter when cleaning your home. It will also save you money in keeping your home comfortable with less work from your HVAC.  Also, remember to have regular maintenance done on your HVAC.  This is not a good time of the year to have it break down on you, so keep it running smoother with a checkup.

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