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Reduce Mosquitos in Your Yard

If your yard looks more like a swamp after heavy rain, or if the drainage from your HVAC unit regularly creates a muddy patch, you might want to consider having a dry well installed. A dry well is a covered, underground container with porous sides. Water flows into it, rather than pooling at the surface, and then seeps slowly into the ground around it. But why would you want a dry well, aside from the obvious advantage of tracking less mud into your home? There are actually several good reasons.

Benefits of a Dry Well

  1. Standing water in your yard is generally very bad for landscaping. It can rot the roots of your grass and leave you with a yard full of moss instead. It isn’t good for most trees and shrubs either. You could replace all of your landscaping with plants that can tolerate soaking for days at a time, or you could install a dry well and save the grass and trees you already have.
  2. Standing water around the base of your home isn’t good for the foundation. It can lead to cracking and shifting over time. Plus, if it gets into your crawlspace or basement, you might end up with water damage and mold. All of these problems can be extremely expensive and difficult to fix. Keeping the water away with a dry well can save you money in the long-run by protecting your investment in your home.
  3. During the warmer months, standing water in your yard is a major breeding ground for mosquitos. And mosquitos aren’t just annoying. They can spread dangerous, even deadly diseases. In fact, removing sources of standing water is the CDC’s number one recommendation for preventing the spread of mosquito-borne diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus. So a dry well can help to protect not only your wallet, but also your family’s comfort and health.

As you can see, a soggy yard isn’t just an inconvenience. By draining away the excess water, a properly-installed dry well can help prevent serious problems for your home, lawn, comfort, and health.

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