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Why Does My Air Conditioner Need More Freon?

A couple of questions we get a lot in the summer are, "Why does my air conditioner need more Freon?," and "What happened to the Freon that was already in it?" These are good questions, and the answers might not…

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The Dangers of Huffing Freon

    Long Before Tide Pods We Had Freon, And It Is Still A Problem! There are some articles you wish you never had to write. But the sad truth is that over the past decades, both teens and adults…

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Why is 410A Freon So Expensive

  Since 2010, the US Environmental Protection Agency has required that all new HVAC units use a refrigerant called R410a, instead of the R22 (Freon) that was used previously. That’s because R410a is safe for the ozone layer, while R22…

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