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Guard Against Radon Gas in Your Home

Radon is a naturally occurring element. Elements like uranium and thorium decay, emitting radon as a by-product. It is entirely natural and commonly found all around the world, which is to say it’s as safe as arsenic and rattle-snake venom.…

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Cedar Pollen Solutions: Pollen and Your A/C System

Have you ever woken up, thrown open the curtains, and looked out onto a beautiful world covered in...pollen? It’s a bitter, sneezy reality for much of the Southern United States, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Anyone who lives…

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air ventilation for a healthy home

How Important is Air Ventilation for a Healthy Home?

For centuries, fresh air has been valued for its curative properties. Doctors have long prescribed trips away from heavily populated, highly polluted cities as a treatment for a wide variety of illnesses. This allowed patients to breathe clean air and…

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How to Avoid VOCs in Your Home

Are VOCs lurking in your home? You actually use products containing VOCs more often than you think.   What are VOCs? Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are compounds that easily become gases or vapors from products or processes. VOCs react with…

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The Dirty Truth about Candles and Indoor Air Quality

Your favorite candles are hiding something...the negative correlation between candles and indoor air quality. Candles create a relaxing, intimate environment in your home. As accents during family celebrations and holidays, candles remind us of joyful times with loved ones. A…

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