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What is Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide and How is It Used in HVAC System?

Did you know that a common household item used to clean various items throughout your home, including cuts and scrapes, is used to help with your home’s heating and cooling? Hydrogen peroxide is widely used as a medical antiseptic and cleanser in both homes and hospitals. Today’s science has taken uses even further to include sanitizing our bathrooms, sinks, floors, surgery suites, and now, our Home Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.


Is Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) a Germ Killer?

Yes, absolutely! Cool fact: ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) is indeed, one of the powerful oxidizing agents in nature. HVAC systems using products such as the “Reme Halo In Duct Purifier” can reduce the nasty stuff in the air we breathe. This ionized vapor grabs hold of particles and kills fungus spores, bacteria, yeast and it decimates virus cells by destroying their carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.

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What exactly is ionization?

Ionization is a chemical change of atoms into charged ions. Do you remember from chemistry class this reaction explained: the combination of chlorine and sodium make salt, where the sodium atom gave up an electron? This causes a positive charge for the sodium, and chlorine takes that electron and is now negatively charged. The loss of an electron creates an ion. 


What is Hydrogen Peroxide and Why Use It?

Think of the brown plastic bottles of odorless liquid you may have poured over scrapes and splinters in your childhood. Hydrogen peroxide is a medical cleaner, but recently it has become so much more.

Hydrogen peroxide has quietly become a household and industry cleaning product. While it is closely tied to water, with one extra oxygen molecule, it is used as a powerful disinfectant and oxidizer. Mixed with water or in air, hydrogen peroxide quickly breaks down and so it’s actually used more than, and viewed as safer, than chlorine chemicals. It cleans as effectively as bleach.

Cool medical fact: As harmless as it seems, hydrogen peroxide must be used cautiously on living animals including humans. Gone are the days when hydrogen peroxide was used in wound care. Hydrogen peroxide seems to burn away germs in a cut by bubbling, but it also causes damage to healthy cells. Research has shown that while it is a versatile cleanser, it’s also the reason you need to use it cautiously on people and pets.


How Does Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Work?

Working with your ductwork system, the “Reme Halo” in-duct air purifier is a clean air solution that uses ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules to keep the air in your home clean and fresh. Not only does an air purification system kill the nasties mentioned earlier, but it also destroys contaminants and odors. Cool science fact: Ionized molecules give their electronic charge to dander, dust, and pollen which causes those particles to stick together in large clumps, making them easier for your return filter to catch. Think of the amount of debris you keep from entering the mechanical parts of the HVAC system. 

The “Reme Halo” helps keep the air blowing from your vents smelling clean and fresh, while keeping allergens out. This air purifier is being installed all over the United States in office buildings, public transit networks, daycares, restaurants, government and military facilities, hospitals, dentist offices, and assisted living facilities. The designers of this unit, RGF® Environmental Group, are a US based company located in Port of Palm Beach, Florida. 

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Want to keep your home’s air allergen-free and smelling great? Contact a trusted HVAC professional in your area to have this powerful in-duct air purifier installed in your home.