Crosley has been an American brand since 1920 when it began producing radios that were available to the public for mass purchase.  The founder of Crosley, Powel Crosley, became known as “The Henry Ford of Radio”.  

Crosley began establishing radio stations and even built an airplane named the Moonbean from which a radio broadcast was transmitted.  

The first car radio, known as the Crosley “Roamio” was debuted in 1930.  In 1933, Crosley patented a “shelves in the door’ refrigerator, which is a feature almost all refrigerators still use to this day.  Crosley developed disc brakes for cars, began a television broadcasting station and developed a radio transmitter that could be heard around the world which aided in propaganda during WWII.  In 1947, Crosley broadcast the first live baseball game on television. 

Crosley designed the first portable television in 1954 and in 1957 telecasted a Cincinnati Reds game in color.  

Today, Crosley manufacturers appliances for the home, including refrigerators, ranges, washers and dryers and dishwashers for the home as well as for the professional client. Crosley Corporation is located in Concord, N.C. 

Crosley Air Conditioners are available as in-window units and through the wall units and can cover an area up to 1500 sq.feet.  Portable air conditioners are also available as are split window units that provide heating and cooling.  

Crosley products come with 10-year warranties that are specific to each product.  Extended warranty purchase is available on all products.