Experts agree that one of the most important factors affecting the reliability, efficiency, and lifespan of an HVAC system is whether the system is correctly installed and maintained. That’s why the Daikin brand is sold and installed exclusively by factory authorized dealers, known as Daikin Comfort Professionals.

In order to earn the title of Daikin Comfort Pro, an HVAC company must meet or exceed Daikin’s exceptionally high standards for customer service, business integrity, and technical competency.

As evidence of their commitment to customer service, Daikin Comfort Pros must maintain excellent ratings with organizations like their local Better Business Bureau. And they must honor the Daikin Comfort Promise.

The Daikin Comfort Promise states that if you have any issues with your installation within one year, you can call your Daikin Comfort Pro and ask them to honor the Promise. Your Daikin Comfort Pro will return to your home and make all reasonable efforts to resolve those issues at no cost to you. If a Daikin Comfort Pro does not honor the Daikin Comfort Promise to customers, they could lose their authorization to sell Daikin products.

Daikin Comfort Pro technicians are highly trained and must keep up with continuing education in order to ensure that they will be fully qualified to install and maintain your Daikin system. Additionally, Daikin Comfort Pros are trained to evaluate your home and current system to help you decide on the best HVAC system for you.

As Daikin is the world’s largest manufacturer of indoor comfort systems and refrigerants, Daikin Comfort Pros have the ability to choose from a vast array of products. That ensures that they’ll be able to help you find the perfect fit for your home.

The ultimate goal of a Daikin Comfort Pro is to be your HVAC service provider for life. In addition to honoring the Daikin Comfort Promise, to help serve you in the long-run, Daikin Comfort Pros can offer you the industry-leading Daikin limited warranty program.

Conditioned Air Solutions is proud to have earned the designation of Daikin Comfort Pro.