The Axeman-Anderson Company is a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of oil, coal, gas, and electric boilers. They’ve been in business since 1944.  They have built their reputation on reliability and innovation. Their boilers provide home heating as well as instant hot water.

Axeman-Anderson’s major innovations in heating include the development of the highly-efficient, anthracite coal-burning Anthratube They also engineer oil and gas boilers that are federally approved for use in mobile homes. Their boilers have efficiency ratings as high as 88%.

Made in the USA

Axeman-Anderson proudly manufactures their boilers in the USA. All of their boilers are made from steel and hand-welded.  This allows for exceptional strength and reliability. Axeman-Anderson has so much confidence in the durability of their products. They offer a non-prorated limited lifetime warranty on their boilers.

Axeman-Anderson’s innovative electric boiler, the Enerstor, stores energy during off-peak hours.  This can lead to lower energy bills in areas where utilities charge more for electricity during peak times. Plus, it’s designed to work with solar power additions. The Enerstor can be used for heating alone.  It can also be a supplemental heat source along with a heat pump.


For both home and water heating using gas, Axeman-Anderson offers the Centaurus comfort system. This system incorporates a high-efficiency boiler. It has a 41-gallon storage tank for hot water heating in a single cabinet that comes ready to install.

The Centaurus system is low maintenance and easy to service. The storage tank is made of stainless steel. The stainless steel heat exchanger coil is specially designed to resist build-up. A clean coil helps to keep the system running as efficiently as possible.

You Have a Mobile Home? No Problem!

Axeman-Andersonmakes an innovative boiler for mobile homes. The MPO-Series, is Department of Energy-tested and HUD-approved. It’s so versatile that it can run off of natural gas, propane, or oil.

In conclusion, Axeman-Anderson prides itself on its manufacturing.  It produces durable, high-quality equipment in the USA. They stand behind their products with a lifetime limited warranty.

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