The Munchkin Boiler is a compact, fully modulating, gas-fired boiler produced by HTP (Heat Transfer Products) until it was discontinued in 2011. The Munchkin was the first of its kind on the market, reflecting HTP’s commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Thanks to its modulating and condensing technology, the Munchkin boiler can achieve efficiency as high as 95.1% AFUE. Compared to older, non-condensing boilers, the Munchkin could reduce energy bills by up to fifty percent. The Munchkin boiler is also designed to run as quietly as a refrigerator.

The Munchkin boiler has a durable all-stainless steel heat exchanger, specifically designed to resist corrosion from the condensing flue gases. This heat exchanger is so efficient at transferring heat that, after passing through the primary and secondary portions, the flue gas can be exhausted through Standard Schedule 40 PVC Pipe. This makes the Munchkin less expensive to install and allows for more flexibility as to where it’s installed.

Inside the Munchkin boiler, you’ll find reliable spark ignition that’s proven in the field, a high grade Iconel “NIT” burner, a Dungs gas valve, and a swirl plate system. Coupled with the Munchkin 925 Control Board, this system modulates the mixture of gas and air to provide exactly the amount of heat needed based on the temperature of the return water, the temperature of the supply water, and the thermostat setting.

The Munchkin is able to handle low temperature supply water, eliminating the need for a bypass valve control to protect the boiler.

Additionally, the control board is self-diagnostic, which makes service easier. Every unit was inspected to ensure quality, and HTP stood behind its Munchkin Boilers with a 12 year limited warranty.

Ultimately, HTP discontinued the Munchkin Boiler and replaced it with the Elite line of residential and commercial boilers. Their Elite FT boiler received the Most Efficient designation from EnergyStar every year from 2015-2018, proving that HTP continues their commitment to innovation and efficiency to this day.