Johnson Controls International PLC with headquarters in Cork, Ireland, was formed after a merger between American-based Johnson Controls and Tyco International in January 2016.  Johnson Controls was formed in 1883 when Warren Johnson patented his electric room thermostat.  Initially the company manufactured thermostats for residential and commercial buildings, but eventually expanded into other HVAC markets.  

Johnson Controls provides heating, cooling, air handling and control solutions for offices, factories, warehouses, retail stores, campuses, hospitals, apartment buildings and hotels via chillers, packaged and split direct expansion cooling (DX), ductless systems and air handlers.

 YORK® chillers maintain a comfortable indoor air climate while reducing energy costs.  Air cooled, water cooled, absorption and condenser unit chiller options are available and allow for a broad range of applications.  

Screw chiller and scroll air cooled chillers reduce energy costs and can be used for new construction or retrofits.  The water cooled chillers are selected based on the environment in which they will be used and utilize environmentally friendly refrigerants. The options for water cooled chillers range from magnetic centrifugal, variable speed screw, scroll, steam turbine to custom designed centrifugal chillers. 

YORK® absorption chillers and heat pumps have been on the market since 1960 and are suitable for many applications.  The single and double effect steam chiller is applicable to commercial and processing needs.  The direct fired chiller uses natural gas or light oil for commercial cooling and industrial processing applications. The direct fired heater and chiller saves space and is applicable for indoor/outdoor installation.  The single effect hot water absorption chiller offers a range of steam pressures suitable for commercial cooling and industrial processes. 

Johnson’s packaged and split DX systems can be configured to meet a variety of light or large commercial applications. Rooftop units, dedicated outside air systems, indoor packaged equipment, and split systems offer reliability and energy efficiency with flexibility to handle any design. 

 Variable refrigerant flow systems and mini-split systems are Johnson’s ductless options.  Standard, custom and modular air handlers can be adapted to any specifications whether pre-existing or new construction. Their air handlers deliver an efficient and comfortable flow of air. Commercial and industrial supply and exhaust fans, fan and blower coil units, variable air volume terminals and dampers and louvers can be engineered in a wide range of sizes and materials.  

Johnson Controls also offers HVAC equipment for residential heating and cooling needs. Sensor-based controls and smart technology combine to maximize home comfort while protecting the planet with efficiency and energy savings.  Ducted split systems, duct-free mini split systems, residential packaged equipment,air conditioners and thermostats deliver modern home comfort.

Johnson Controls developed the FRICK® Industrial Refrigeration solutions system to keep food fresh from the processing facility to the warehouse.  They also have refrigeration components for packagers and systems integrators available on an OEM basis.