LakeAir purifiers have been manufactured since 1968 in Racine, WI.  Initially, LakeAir purifiers were produced by Master Appliances, but later was purchased by another company which maintained the brand name.  RK Ventures is the current owner and manufacturer of the brand products which are manufactured using “green manufacturing” principles:  durability, recyclability, locally and energy efficiency.  The purifiers are completely made in the USA from the cutting of the steel to the final assembly of parts. 

LakeAir constructs their products with steel, aluminum, GPO3, ceramic and tungsten materials and avoids cheap plastic.  Each purifier has a 7 year warranty and replacement parts and filters for all purifiers sold since 1968 are still available.   Additionally, LakeAir has upgraded their products to meet the new ASHRAE guidelines set in April 2020 in consideration of the coronavirus pandemic. 

LakeAir air purifier filters are available in five different technologies:  HEPA, electrostatic, media, activated carbon and UVGI.  HEPA filters can remove particles from the air, even nano-particles that are Covid size. LakeAir uses true HEPA filters not HEPA-type filters.  Electrostatic filters control indoor air pollution such as dust or smoke.  Carbon filters eliminate gases, odors and VOCs.  UVGI(Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) filters tackle the DNA of microbes to prevent and eliminate diseases that might be in the room. Media filtration eliminates the most harmful pollutants but are much more budget-friendly. 

LakeAir commercial purifiers can be mounted from the ceiling, the wall or on a cart.  One unit can purify a 2,500 square foot room.  By combining units, any size room can be efficiently purified. All commercial units are built with 14 gauge steel frames to ensure long life and durability.  

Residential air purifiers are available in two options:  portable room air purifiers and whole house air purifiers that are installed in the existing ductwork of the home.  LakeAir can assist with selecting the best filtration system for the home based on each specific situation and needs. 

LakeAir also manufactures smoke eaters and air scrubbers that remove smoke and related odors from the air.  These range from commercial units ideal for casinos, cigar lounges and bars to the at-home man cave. These are also effective on e-cigarettes, vaping and marijuana smoke and odors.  

LakeAir sells replacement filters for all of their units.  Each filter type has a different replacement schedule and LakeAir can assist their customers with finding the correct schedule based on usage and health concerns.  Standard filters are not recommended for LakeAir purifiers as each unit has been designed with filter specifications.